Descriptive Reflection: Strengths and Challenges in Communicating

Subject: Formal Self-Introduction Letter

Dear Professor Blackstone,

Communicating in English is something I do all the time. I grew up in a family where we communicate only in English and I cannot remember the last time we spoke in another language.


During my younger days, I was a quiet and shy person and I did not share much of my feelings to anyone. So eventually I became an attentive listener. I am the listening ear to my family and my friends and hearing their problems is part of my everyday life. Sometimes it can be so overwhelming that it affects me emotionally, but most of the time I enjoy it because I can help them.


On the other hand, communicating with strangers has always been a challenge. It was because of my old habit of speaking softly and slurring my words. I cannot remember when it started but I have always been this way. Thankfully, my family and close friends know and understand me. However, when I talk to a stranger, I would sound like a quiet person with low self-esteem.

I knew I needed help so I decided to sign up for vocal lessons. I thought that maybe through these lessons I could build up my confidence in speaking and perhaps change the way I speak too. After a few months, I realised my words were clearer and I was more confident when I speak.


Since then, I am in a process of improving my communication skills. I came from an engineering diploma and back then I did not have much opportunity or experience with presentations or public speaking. Therefore, during my time in your course, I would like to work on my presentations and be able to deliver them effectively in terms of speech and content.

Yours Sincerely,

James Ong

SIE2016 Group 5

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